MU Specialty Registry

Reporting to registries is an integral part of improving population and public health. The Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 regulations added a new public health objective for Eligible Professionals (EPs), the capability to identify and report specific cases to a specialized registry. This objective was included to provide more flexibility in the menu objectives that EPs can choose. Specialized registry reporting provides many EPs with an MU option that is more aligned with their scope of practice. This objective provides meaningful use credit to those EPs engaged in the beneficial use of Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) to report specific cases and/or case information to specialized registries.

The MU Stage 2 regulations are purposefully general in describing specialized registries to provide flexibility and avoid excluding registries.

  • Specialized registries could include, but are not limited to: birth defects registries, chronic disease registries, and traumatic injury registries etc.
  • In addition, specialized registries operated by patient safety and quality improvement organizations that enable knowledge generation or process improvement regarding the diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of conditions that affect a population could be considered.
  • The specialized registry cannot be duplicative of any of the other registries included in other meaningful use objectives and measures. This means that an EP cannot meet the immunization, syndromic surveillance, or cancer objectives and this objective by reporting to the same registry.
  • Proposed EP Measure for this objective is, successful ongoing submission of specific case information from CEHRT to a specialized registry for the entire EHR reporting period.

While there are no certification and standards criteria specified in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) 2014 Edition EHR Technology Certification Criteria corresponding to this objective, the Chronic Disease Registry has committed to building registries that leverage existing standards, vocabularies, and capabilities already included in your EHR.

CDR Registry Fast Facts

All of the CDR's Registries meet CMS' MU Definitions for Specialty Reporting

  • Must meet “Active Engagement”
  • Any EHR, Any Specialty
  • No Interface Required (but we’ve done 100s)
  • Both Required Registry Submissions at 1-time
  • Counts for 2 Registries (see our Family of Registries)
  • The USWR is listed on the Registry of Patient Registries (RoPR)
  • Visit to see USWR involvement

CMS’ Allowed Registry Combos

The provider may meet the specialized registry measure up to 2 times. This can be done through reporting to:

  • Two registries maintained by a public health agency
  • Two registries maintained by one or more specialty societies
  • One registry maintained by a public health agency and one maintained by a specialty society
  • One registry maintained by a public health agency and one exclusion
  • One registry maintained by a specialty society and one exclusion

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